Direct Public Access Services

John is able to accept instructions from any member of the public and from any member of a profession directly, without the need for a solicitor to be involved. This can prove to be a very cost-effective way of obtaining legal advice and assistance. The advantages to instructing John directly are:-

(a) his level of experience - John has practised at the bar for more than 24 years and enjoys a reputation as a very difficult and challenging opponent who fights very hard to achieve the best possible commercial outcome for his clients, either at trial or through negotiation. John has dealt with many different factual and legal problems in his practice areas over those years – you can read details of some of his past cases on his Main Website;

(b) his approachability - John works entirely by himself and this means that there are no intermediaries to interfere with his relationship with his clients. All clients have direct access to John via telephone, mobile, fax and email. Documents can be sent to him by fax, or post, or by DX (a private postal service) or by courier. Digital copies of documents can be sent by email or on discs or memory sticks. John is well known for his approachability, his ability to explain difficult legal and factual problems, and his skills in dealing with different people from different backgrounds and walks of life. He is open and transparent with clients about what he is doing and the progress of what he is dealing with, provides regular updates and explanations, and acts quickly to resolve problems and issues that may arise. The focus is always on the needs of the client and meeting their expectations;

(c) his usability - John is able to appear in any court in England and Wales, from the magistrates’ courts, any County Court, the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the new Supreme Court (formerly the House of Lords). Over the years that John has been in practice since 1986, has in fact appeared at every court level mentioned above including the House of Lords. The only court he has not yet appeared in is the new Supreme Court. In addition, John has conducted cases in the Lands Tribunal and before Planning Inquiries. John also has considerable experience of Mediation and other Alternative Dispute Resolution methods, and has attended with clients to help them in the mediation/ADR process. He also has experience in drafting many types of contracts and legal documents such as leases, partnership agreements, joint-venture agreements, options to purchase and other commercial options, sale and purchase agreements, agency contracts, retention and confidentiality contracts, anti-gazumping agreements, deeds of assignment, guarantees and indemnities. He is also able to review existing legal documentation and to advise on its suitability. He can also act quickly where that is necessary, while ensuring that there is no compromise on quality of work or quality of service;

(d) his competitive fees - John is able to provide a substantial cost advantage over many solicitors and many other barristers in the levels of his fee structures, because he works entirely by himself without the expensive "high profile" business infrastructures that many other lawyers maintain, such as secretaries and assistants, clerks, expensive business premises, and other costly trappings. John deals with everything himself, efficiently, accurately and on time. The result is a more cost effective and responsive legal practice, which means considerable savings for his clients;

(e) flexibility - John is happy to work on an hourly rate, or on fixed fees, or on a mixture of these. Some types of work will be better suited to a fixed fee, and others to an hourly rate, but there is no fixed way of doing things. Everything is negotiable.